Women Leather Travel Backpack

To travel organized and hassle-free, we all need compact storage to keep all our essentials safe, organized, and easy to extract whenever required. Emerchant Shop is one of the leading women travel backpack providers to make travelling super convenient for our customers. We truly understand the importance of convenient and uncomplicated travelling and therefore we offer solutions to one of the major concerns of our clients when it comes to requiring storage to keep all the essentials safe and in one place. We offer our potential customers a wide variety of leather travel backpacks to choose from. Having a classy and trendy touch these backpacks are ideal for carrying your stuff in an organized and unproblematic manner. These bags are handcrafted by experts in a creative and inventive way that truly fits the expectations and requirements of our client in terms of design, style, quality, and outlook of the backpack. This wonderful and innovative product is ideal for your travelling requirements resulting in making your journey super valuable, trendy, and convenient. To elevate your travelling experience, one must have a superior quality leather backpack while travelling towards your desired destination.

Product Description

Our smart and stylish backpacks come in ideal size and colors that are alluring and appealing to our clients and makes the bag super shiny. It is also suitable for cabin size if you are travelling by air.

To elevate its overall modern and trendy look, it includes the touch of fur that makes the backpack look even more attractive.

It also comes with a black belt that makes it even more classy and gorgeous.

Our ideal travelling leather backpack is super convenient and spacious when it comes to providing storage space for your travelling essentials. It consists of one main compartment that consists of two zips providing you with enough opportunity to keep your valuable stuff while travelling.

Our multi-purpose travel backpack designed and crafted with the finest leather quality can be used for various purposes whether you are travelling for short term or long-distance destinations, we got it all for you in terms of premium quality and a spacious backpack that can carry all of your important and must-have travel essentials for you.

This backpack is ideal to give to your family and friends as a valuable and resourceful present and as a gesture of love for them.

Our fine quality travel backpack is crafted and stitched by our expert designers and craftsmen which are keen to provide our clients with refined and superior quality products. Having soft and smooth texture with refined stitching and import quality, our superior quality product is a must-have in your journey.

What makes it truly desirable is that it’s highly comfortable to carry and the strap involves zipping that makes it super trendy and comfy. Our fine quality leather travel backpack for women is a resourceful product to have created with premium quality luxuries leather, logo, and hanging.


Berliner Leather Backpack for Man and Women

One of the most important factors to have a quality and comfortable journey is to have a compact and organized storage space. Emerchant Shop being one of the leading and reliable platforms for its clients all over the world when it comes to providing quality and inventive leather backpacks. We understand the ever-growing needs of our customers when it comes to spacious and premium quality backpacks that may cater to the day-to-day as well as occasional needs of our customers. We have a wide collection of trendy, fashionable, and modernized backpacks that are classy and glamorous and are crafted with fine quality leather to provide our customers with a product that stays with them for long and caters to their needs of keeping all their essentials organized and safe at one place. We strive to work keenly on our leather backpack designs while understanding the constant feedback and demand of our customers to offer a backpack that is quality, spacious, trendy, and comfy to carry along with them whether it is a one-time occasion or day to day routine. Our variety of backpacks are truly suitable for all kinds of people whether they are travelling to the workplace, colleges or travelling to explore mother nature having a comfortable and trendy backpack alongside to keep all the essentials safe and intact within a spacious and glamorous leather backpack which is ideal for people who are fond of bags that are stylish, modern and have even more storage space than usual bags.

Product Description

Emerchant Shop takes pride in offering its prestigious clients one of our top-notch Berliner Leather Backpack for Man and Women from a wide range of quality bags that includes the following features:

One of the inventive features of our Berliner Leather Backpack is that it is ideal for every occasion be it your day to day routine or commute to the workplace for which you need to carry a certain amount of essentials or you are travelling for long weekends which require sufficient packing, our spacious backpack offers ideal space to keep your essentials safe and organized.

Our quality leather backpack has a stylish and vintage look at the same time. Instead of getting worn out with time due to using it, the bag gets even more attractive and classy due to its vintage look. Our quality leather backpacks are waterproof which makes them a desirable bag to have while facing any type of climatic or travelling situation.

Our trendy and classy backpacks are made to last because they are crafted with genuine leather and refined quality cotton. The roll-top closure that is on top of it allows you to have adjustable storage volume. The durable metal buckles and authentic zippers add more durability to the overall functionality of the backpack making it an ideal choice for our valuable clients.

Emerchant offers a premium quality spacious backpack to our buyers that allows them to keep their day-to-day essentials even laptops inside the bag to commute to their desired place quite conveniently.


Unisex Journeyman Leather Backpack

Emerchant shop being one of the leading online platforms takes pride in offering our customers standard quality and an extensive range of trendy and ingenious backpacks. We aim to meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients that may relate to the style, design, material, storage, and usability of the backpack so that our valuable clients may have quality experience of exploring the world with utmost peace of mind having an equally resourceful companion in the form of an exotic leather backpack. One of the inventive backpacks from our exotic collection is a unisex journeyman leather backpack. We truly understand the exceeding and dynamic expectations of our clients that include retro style, innovative designs, and natural colored bags that make it even stylish and appealing no matter if they get old due to enough usage. These wonderful and ingenious backpacks are truly ideal to accompany you in your day-to-day life and also along your journey to explore mother nature. Most people look for cheaper and affordable backpacks when it comes to traveling when the opposite of it should be done. One must look for durable, quality, and efficient storage backpacks when it comes to commuting on a day to day basis or planning for long weekends. We strive to produce and deliver premium quality backpacks to our clients and give them the comfort they truly look for while planning and organizing their next trip.

Product Features

We take pleasure in offering our customers an amazing, artistic design and quality unisex journeyman leather backpack that involves various amazing features:

Emerchant Shop offers its valuable customers a superior quality backpack that is crafted with fine quality luxury leather that makes it look classier and trendy as per the requirement of our clients.

Our quality backpacks are ideal for keeping and carrying a laptop along with you on your way to the workplace. It is designed in a way to provide sufficient storage space and capacity to keep all your essentials within the bag in an organized and secure manner.

This ideal journeyman leather backpack is crafted with fine quality material, fashionable and functional design, stylish and inventive solutions to the storage concerns while you travel to your workplace or some exotic destination to explore. 

Our premium quality unisex journeyman leather backpack is ideal for various occasions and events such as overnight stays, business trips, visit the gym, day-to-day work routine, or long stay at a hill station. These backpacks can also be used as a resourceful gift to your loved ones to allow them to have an amazing trekking experience.

These quality backpacks are suitable for all kinds of people such as college teenagers, school-going kids, and adults to let you experience a true sense of comfort and ease while you set yourself on another adventurous journey.


Leather Retro Rucksack Backpack

To add a classy and trendy look to your personality while traveling a cool and spacious backpack is necessary to have. A fine quality backpack with superior quality fabric and various spacious compartments can prove to be a great travel companion so that you feel comfortable and organized throughout the journey. Emerchant Shop (EMS) takes pride in offering its valuable customers superior quality and exceptional leather retro rucksack backpacks. These backpacks are ideal for people going to a long destination or even a shorter one. To make your journey comfortable and convenient for clients we have designed the rucksack backpacks to provide you enough storage space keeping all your essentials safe and stored in one place. EMS is striving its best to ensure that you enjoy the true essence of commute by offering you a backpack that is ideal in shape and size, trendy and classy in fashion as well as spacious and commodious when it comes to keeping and storing enough amount of travel essentials that may prove fruitful because one of the most essential aspects of commuting to the desired place is having a travel-friendly storage space. Emerchant Shop deals in timeless and unmatched travel backpacks to offer our customers enough variety to choose from.

Product Features

Our quality leather retro rucksack backpack that is considered ideal for both men and women ensuring a comfortable journey with all your essentials by your side involves the following features:

Our refined quality travel backpack is designed and crafted with superior quality leather and the overall stitching, designing and fabrication of the backpack is truly up to the mark.

These backpacks are indeed ideal for a full day at work as it is spacious enough to keep a laptop or other such products inside the back quite conveniently making it an ideal choice for travelers as well as employees at work.

This backpack has wide straps to adjust the length of the backpack as per your requirement and a strap on the top of it to carry it well while you are on your journey. These straps are super adjustable and wide in length to make them resourceful as per your need. 

Our ideal retro rucksack backpack is truly quite an inventive product for our valuable clients having enough storage space both interior and exterior and having various compartments allowing you to keep your routine and important stuff safe and intact and also stored in one place.

One of the best qualities of this amazing Leather backpack is that it comes in shades of darker color which gets even darker with usage and allows it to look even more attractive and exotic rather than a backpack that loses its attractiveness with time.

This backpack is the ideal choice and caters to a wider audience be it school kids, young girls, and boys who are college going or even adults that are passionate explorers and love to be on roads to discover new places having a comfy and resourceful travel companion and ideal bag by their side.


Student Leather Backpack

One of the best companions of every student is to have a comfortable, trendy, and spacious bag to travel with. This bag is important to keep all your important stuff such as books, stationery, laptop, food items and much more which can make your life super easy and organized at the same time. Emerchant shop is all about providing classy and beautiful bags to each of our target audiences. Our wide range of quality backpacks for students is crafted in a way that meets all the growing requirements of the student body that is to offer them stylish designs, vibrant colors, quality material, and easy-to-carry backpacks with enough storage space. Our superior quality beautiful backpacks are ideal to keep all your stuff stored and organized in one place and can be used for various occasions such as school trips, shopping, college routine, and much more. We ensure to provide our customers with the desired product keeping in mind their genuine feedback and reviews to keep innovating and updating our product as per the requirements and demands of our consumers.

Student Leather Backpack

Our multicolor premium backpacks are created with good quality and genuine leather that is not only lightweight but also durable at the same time.
One of the amazing qualities of the student leather backpack is they are waterproof and quite easy to clean. They are made up of waterproof material and are water repellent which allows these bags to stay safe during light rain because of this mechanism as water being splashed on these backpacks turn into droplets and flow away.
These trendy backpacks are designed in a way that provides enough storage space to our customers having multiple storage compartments to keep all your essentials stored in one place. You may easily find your stuff within the bag due to multiple pockets that allow you to keep things separate.
Our amazing leather backpacks have wide and adjustable straps that allow you to carry them conveniently and adjust them anytime according to your ease and comfort.
Our stylish and modern backpacks are truly relevant in today’s time and age and match the demands of our consumers because of their color, shape, size, style, design. It has stylish zipper storage and zipper pockets and zipper adjustable straps that make it a desirable backpack to have while you are traveling to school/college or even to an outstation or shopping mall.
This backpack is one of the resourceful gifts to give to your loved ones to allow them to have a super convenient and wonderful companion to have while commuting as it is stylish, trendy, lightweight to carry, and durable enough to keep your traveling essentials inside it.
Emerchant Shop offers a variety of colors, styles, and designs for our student bodies to experience a quality backpack that is fashionable and can store stuff for a longer period due to its durability and quality material that can withstand a certain amount of weight for a long time.